July 31, 2014

Three Things The Best IoT Developers Do To Create Value and Drive Scale

The best IoT entrepreneurs are breaking down a few of the false choices — money or meaning — which have formed the underpinning of so many of our unsustainable systems today.

And they are doing it on top of a foundation that knows the value of human time, machine data and trust.

They know these three things are the stuff of the true potential, the authentic value creation, in the instrumentation of the physical world: IoT.

Here are some examples of what the best entrepreneurs in IoT are doing, and not:

1. They are developing applications with user interfaces that are rich with intelligence and quickly consumable by average people without formal training in analytics. The developers are not seeking to consume people’s time with ‘in-app’ stickiness tools, dark design features and the like. For the new currency in IoT in-app user experience is the ability to get in, get something done, get out.

They are designing interfaces with rules such as what INEX calls ‘glance’ — where a second or two can provide a mobile worker or a busy mom with the input they need to make decisions and stay engaged in the real world in front of them.

2. They are developing hardware for persistent occupation of their intended sockets on the assets to be instrumented. The designers are not thinking in terms of the single now-term app demand, nor the revenue potential in forced obsolescence replacement cycles. For the new currency in IoT hardware development is the ability to design a device that can survive its harsh physical environment, and thrive in its dynamic digital environment, for 10 years, or more.

They are designing what INEX calls ‘persistent sockets’ — where the power of combining commercial and open-source hardware and software components, 3D printing and laser-additive processes. These tools enable powerful future-proofing and add marginal, or near-zero additional cost to deploy the device, and actually reduce lifecycle cost to manage.

3. They are developing more transparent business models, despite the reality that IoT markets are extremely complex and fragmented. The entrepreneurs are not thinking in terms hyper-concentrating the DEVINT (device intelligence) coming off the connected assets behind an opaque user agreement. For the new currency in IoT business models is recognition that digital capital will be, may be, the most powerful commodity on the planet after health.

They are endowing asset owners/ operators, customers, with authorization rights to the DEVINT that their deployments create and partnering with them explicitly for the right to access, analyze, fuze, package, market and sell access to subscriptions utilizing various views into aggregated and anonymized DEVINT.

We are thrilled to be watching these amazing IoT entrepreneurs create the future. Honored to be working with them. Thankful for them and to those of you supporting them.

This post was pinched from our first LinkedIN post, you can read the entire post here.

July 31, 2014