June 8, 2015

The Future of Life. What We Can Do and Be With #IoT.

Last week, a couple of dozen of the brightest people in tech — research, academia, venture, start-up operators, others — signed an open letter to the world about the responsibility of tech, and the possibility that tech could be and do more.

You can read it here.

It was brilliant.

It was a long time coming.

I am going to sign on. But before I do, I want to share with you a similar ‘open letter’ or ‘manifesto’ of sorts.  (Big thanks to RVK and the folks at IoT Council EU for their continued support).

It was was written by four people that have grown up in tech, mostly in enterprise, mostly in the US. Four Gen-X-ers.

One of the co-authors, Peter Grant Johnson, passed away suddenly, tragically just about one month ago. Two of the co-authors — Stew Skomra and Carrie van Heyst (Peter’s partner in everything) — are leading the charge inside the companies that they run, working out how to achieve what The Future of Life lays out.

The fourth, that is me. And I am supporting the best people in the world as we hammer out IoT (Internet of Things) — how to instrument the physical world with intention and intelligence for one private reason, and one public.

Privately, so that we can fix what is broken before our kids have to put down their dreams to pick up our abandoned burden. And if we fail — which I work and pray each day that we do not — at least they will have a record that proves we tried until we died.

Publicly, because we all know if we can achieve this vision, we will not only be part of what is necessary and right, good and durable, but, we will make our money too, and have a blast doing it.

Please read both pieces, write to the authors, ask questions, offer challenges. Engage.


Featured Image: SEMAP (SouthEastern Massachusetts Agriculture Partnership) Securing Our Foodshed Conference, New Bedford, MA, Spring 2015. SEMAP has partnered with INEX and its network to explore how #IoT might strengthen small ag operators and accelerate their progress helping communities achieve food security.

June 8, 2015