November 26, 2014

John Guydon, The Lassy Project, on Courage. Chris Rezendes, INEX, on Humility — at World’s Greatest Problems Solvers Conference

It seems that tech entrepreneurs and investors are getting dinged a bit lately for being, well, out of touch.

Not a fair or accurate representation of all of them. All of us.

Exhibit 1: John Guydon, CEO of The Lassy Project. The Lassy Project enables parents and caregivers to create ‘villages’ or splinter social networks that can be quickly activated, mobilized and coordinated with law enforcement entities in the event a child goes missing. When a child goes missing, every minute counts — especially in the first few hours of a case. The Lassy Project bridges the gap in actionable intelligence between the moment of discovery that a loved one is missing, and the issuance of an Amber Alert.

We had the pleasure of meeting John earlier this month at the Van Heyst Group (VHG) flagship event for their World’s Greatest Problem Solvers series. INEX co-produced the event, which was funded by VHG, with support from a number of partners, including INEX.

John delivered the closing keynote to the 2.5 day conference that brought together nearly 200 of the most creative and accomplished innovators from a wide range of grand challenges.

In this talk, John takes us through a number of vignettes that informed his mission-based view of the world, and the courage component that often makes all the difference between ‘thinking about something and doing something’.

Exhibit 2: INEX’ Chris Rezendes had the unenviable task of following John, and closing out the conference. Responding to Guydon’s challenge, Chris shares his experience being forced to confront his positions on and practice of gender equality, and of course, the opportunity — and requirement — for every individual to participate in defining why and how we will instrument the physical world.

John is a Master. Chris an apprentice.

We are all learning. By doing. Solving real problems, with real people, and IoT.

November 26, 2014