May 22, 2015

IoT Has An East Coast Cluster. Boston is the Hub.

One of our favorite refrains at INEX is: New leadership is required, and it will come from anywhere.

Mike Kavis might be one of the best IoT solution architects in the world. And unless you are a hardcore cloud dev ops and migration geek, you may have never heard of him. His firm, Cloud Technology Partners might be just as obscure.

But to a few dozen of the largest, most sophisticated and well known brands in the world, Mike and CTP are the go-to source for designing and developing IoT solutions that ‘play nice’ and secure, and reliable, agile and scalable, with installed bases of mission critical IT.

I met Mike through my investment partner, Roger Krakoff. Roger is on his way to becoming one of the best early stage venture capital investors in IoT. Cloud Technology Partners is one of his portfolio companies.

Mike learned about us through Roger also, and by streaming into the IoT Boston/ New England Meetups that the folks at SmartBear (another Tier 1 IoT enabling technology/ service provider that you will be hearing more about) hosted.

I am thrilled to report that the guy that some of the bigs rely on architect IoT was impressed with the Boston approach to IoT.

So when Mike called to learn more about IoT in Boston, we jumped at the change to speak with him.

Take a listen. Tell us what you think.



May 22, 2015