September 25, 2015

INEX IoT IMPACT LABS Breaks New Ground with Field-Based Pilot Model


Tech, Industry, Public Leaders Collaborate to Launch Internet of Things Lab Emphasizing Field-Based Pilots with SMB Operators in Cities, Agriculture, Maritime, Energy and Transportation markets.


Contact information: Chris Rezendes | 508-415-5022 | @chris_rezendes |

September 24, 2015. New Bedford, MA.

Analog Devices, BCC, Dell, Foley and Lardner LLP, and PTC Inc. headline a formidable and growing list of sponsors of INEX IoT IMPACT LABS in New Bedford, MA – quickly emerging as an IoT hub in Southeastern Massachusetts.

The IoT IMPACT LABS brings together critical stakeholders to enable successful IoT solution development, deployment and value creation.


LABS sponsors, IoT technology developers, regional businesses and public agencies are collaborating with LABS teams to help field-test, document and commercialize the most efficient and effective approaches to IoT market development, enterprise value creation and community impact.

LABS unique value proposition includes:

  • Emphasis on SMBs. IoT IMPACT LABS is focused on accelerating and improving how small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) learn about Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities, decision IoT investments, and create value from IoT deployments. In addition to their potential as economic growth engines, SMBs offer us opportunities to quickly go deep with multi-functional teams.
  • Concentration in Grand Challenge Markets. IoT IMPACT LABS’ parent INEX ADVISORS, has been conducting original market intelligence, advising enterprise deployers and investing in IoT startups since 2011. During that time, the team has learned – along with others – that significant potential for enterprise value creation and meaningful social impact exists in Smart Cities, Food Security and Next Generation Infrastructure markets.
  • Focus with Field Pilots. LABS has direct access to hundreds of IoT solution developer startups, and through partners, to many hundreds of potential hosts of the LABS’ hallmark field pilots.

“IoT is the instrumentation of the physical world” declares INEX President and IoT IMPACT LABS Managing Director, Chris Rezendes. “In order to define, develop and deploy the most powerful IoT solutions, we have to learn, test and operate in the real world. That is where many subject matter experts come from, where their most powerful learning and experience takes place. That is where we need to go with our IoT innovation: the street, the farm, the harbor. “

Three of the first partners among the dozens of field pilot hosts include: City of New Bedford, SouthEastern Mass Agriculture Partnership (SEMAP) and NB Harbor Development Commission.

Prominent IoT evangelist and author of the SAP Intro to IoT, David Stephenson observes: “This lab is critical for democratizing the IoT: it shows IoT projects are now within reach for SMBs and smaller cities. Even better, the spirit of the IoT is open data, so companies and cities that join the movement later can quickly learn from the pioneers.”

“Organizations taking part in the IMPACT LABS will quickly reach the inflection point where due diligence on and governance of their emerging business practices and protection of data and IP rights will be critical for their growth states Christopher (Chris) J. McKenna , partner and co-chair of the Electronic Practice Group of Foley & Lardner LLP. “We are pleased to be a sponsor and integral part of LABS team to foster growth in this ecosystem by providing thought leadership and counseling of the various business and legal issues as well as serving as a connector to key players in the IoT ecosystem.”

IoT IMPACT LABS will document and distribute findings from field pilots to sponsors, IoT solution developer and regional SMB deployer partners through a number of mechanisms. Those mechanisms will include real time feeds, quarterly reports, workshops, new business models, and new tools and methods. All output is geared toward accelerating IoT value creation.

Michael Murray, General Manager of Analog Devices Industrial and IoT Business Unit offers: “IoT IMPACT LABS is an excellent example of how partners create shared value, new business models and deeper learning about the benefits of intelligently bridging the physical and digital worlds with unmatched technologies that sense, measure and connect. The best technical efforts are fundamental for Industrial IoT to be successful. However; the added social benefits of multiple leading technology firms and local investors working together to deliver the most innovative products and the most impactful solutions is how Industrial IoT can build a stronger New England economy today, and for the future.”

“Connected solutions leveraging sensor data and analytics have been available to large organizations for some time, but IoT is making these solutions more accessible,” said Jason Shepherd, Director of IoT Strategy and Partnerships, Dell.  “Dell has a long history of enabling entrepreneurs and SMBs to do more, and we’re excited to bring new efficiencies and experiences to these communities through pilots built with our wide IoT portfolio spanning edge gateways to data analytics.”

Rob Gremley, Group President, Technology Platforms Group, PTC, says, “Diverse companies across a multitude of industries around the globe are using the ThingWorx® IoT Platform for real-world production solutions. It’s that fast-forward spirit and focus on relevant problems with game-changing IoT solutions that make us excited to be involved with IoT IMPACT LABS. We are happy to further our existing relationship with the lab’s technology and academic sponsors and look forward to working with the group.”

IoT IMPACT LABS is currently located at 715 Purchase Street in historic, resurgent downtown New Bedford, MA, thanks to a generous contribution from Bristol Community College. A Boston location is under development and a handful of additional locations are lining up for exploration.

“Bristol Community College is glad to be on the ground floor of the innovation economy in New Bedford,” said John J. Sbrega, Ph.D., President of Bristol Community College. “We are hosting IoT IMPACT LABS in our facility and we are happy to be a part of growing new jobs and opportunity for the city and region.”

IoT IMPACT LABS actively recruits IoT solution developers to contribute their technology and expert support; regional SMB enterprises to host the field pilots; and larger enterprises, technicals and industrials to provide financial support, technology and expertise.

LABS’ recruiting benefits from its affiliation with INEX Advisors and IoT Capital Partners.

Rezendes sums it up for LABS sponsors, partners, developer and deployer partners: “When people ask us why field pilots with small companies in these markets? Why New Bedford? We tell them: We believe that this is where the greatest issues and opportunities are – Tier 2/3/4 markets. The middle of the pyramid. And that is where many of the new rules, systems and leaders will come from. What we do here could have an impact across most of the planet for it too is in a redevelopment moment. ”

For more information, please reach out to Chris Rezendes. Contact information is listed above.

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September 25, 2015