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[mk_fancy_title size=”15″ line_height=”23″ color=”#444444″ font_family=”none” align=”center” animation=”bottom-to-top”]INEX Advisors works with the most innovative people and companies in the world who are shaping the future through their development and deployment of intelligent AND intentional Internet of Things solutions.[/mk_fancy_title]
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INEX Advisors helps innovators in a wide range of markets capitalize on the growth in demand for Internet of Things capabilities and businesses. We serve as a force recon team for senior executives and their marketing, business development, sales, partner and product management teams.


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IoT Impact LABS is a field-pilot-based IoT accelerator. Our goal is to enhance and accelerate learning about, investing in and value creation from IoT with small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) operating in ‘grand challenge’ markets.

LABS brings together world-class IoT startups, Tier 1 technology and industrial suppliers and legal and policy experts to define and test intelligent, intentional approaches to instrumenting the physical world. Our pilot sites are the most innovative public and private SMBs throughout New England operating in Smart Cities, Food/ Ag, Water/ Maritime, Energy and Transportation Markets.

LABS documents and shares our experiences through a number of channels with LABS Sponsors, Partners, Pilot Hosts and the public.

This site is under construction and will be live in January.


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IoT Capital PARTNERS” icon_color=”#00a802″ animation=”right-to-left”]

IoT Capital PARTNERS participates as an investor and adviser to a number of Early stage companies in a number of IoT markets. We work with some of the most successful individual and corporate venture capital investors in the world.

For more information, please contact Roger Krakoff.

This site is under construction and will be live in Q1 2016.


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INEX Core Team

[mk_image_box title=” CHRISTOPHER REZENDES” src=”×300.jpg” media_width=”400″ media_height=”300″ image_link=”url” align=”center” rounded_corner=”true” el_class=”chris-profile-box”]Founder, Partner[/mk_image_box][mk_social_networks align=”center” twitter=”” linkedin=”″]
[mk_image_box title=”Guido Mengelkamp” src=”×300.jpg” media_width=”400″ media_height=”300″ image_link=”url” align=”center” rounded_corner=”true”]Partner[/mk_image_box][mk_social_networks align=”center” twitter=”″ linkedin=”″]
[mk_image_box title=”Jon Ouellette” src=”” media_width=”400″ media_height=”300″ image_link=”url” align=”center” rounded_corner=”true”]Director[/mk_image_box]
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Learn more about how INEX Advisors can help you realize your vision of the future through the Internet of Things

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