GE Recently Ended One Phase of IoT and Launched The Next

GE Just Ended the Second Inning of IoT for Industrial/ Commercial Equipment Markets Pre-Game Warm-Up Took More Than a Decade. First Inning: 30 Months. Second Inning: 6 Months. Many people love the baseball analogy when describing IoT. They talk about it as being a nine inning game. We are in […]

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Fulcrum Data in IoT: Why We Obsess About It And You Should Too

EVERYBODY and their grandparents in emerging IoT markets are launching ‘platforms’. Everyone. For anything. Table salt application platform. Watchband notch selection platform. Navel lint analysis and interpretation platform. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of other IoT platforms that are in one stage or another of development or deployment. The vast […]

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Security As Brand Attribute in IoT: The 30-Day and 30-Month Views

“The cost (or affordability) of building security into your IoT solutions depends on a host of factors. There is no one size-fits all in securing IoT devices. Securing the IoT may have as much to do with supply-chain integrity as it does encryption, or authentication, or realtime remote control of […]

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