June 13, 2014

The Killer App In The Internet of Things: Profitable Sustainability. Lessons from Fort Collins Startup Week.

“In order to be a steward of the land, I need to be profitable; in order to be profitable, I need to be a steward of the land.”
Richard Seaworthy, Owner, Seaworthy Farms

“When we think about ‘agriculture’, we need to think about so much more than farming. The economic impact of Ag is <$60 billion in Colorado) is many times greater than farms alone.”
Dr. Gregory Graff, Professor and Kathay Rennels, VP Community and Economic Development, Colorado State University

“We, in IoT, need to take care of ag data with the same sense of care, respect and honor that Mr Seaworthy takes care of the land.”
Chris Rezendes, Founder, INEX Advisors


Chris Snook’s Fort Collins Startup Week and the Blue Ocean Challenge were amazing events for the Fort Collins and North Front Range economies.

And the ideas that were exchanged on Friday morning, May 23 during the Future of Life: AG Meets IoT Workshop – Co-Hosted with our partners at the Van Heyst Group, at the Colorado State University (CSU) PowerHouse Energy Center, might offer implications for the broader AG and IoT markets.

Three panels on the future of AG, through the intelligent instrumentation of air, soil and water, formed the backbone of conversations among leaders in sustainable North American agriculture, research, policy and Ag tech.

In the first panel, Richard Seaworth, Owner of SeaWorth Farms; Paul Hoff of Agribotix and Cheryl Goodman from SocialGlobalMobile explored some of the latest approaches to sustainable high-yield crop production and conservation, utilizing a range of techniques, including a number of technical tools – beginning with UAVs optimized for ag applications.

Richard has the quote of the panel …

Check it out.

In the second panel, Kathay Rennels and Gregg Graff of Colorado State University, and Louis Thiery of Apitronics, reframed the scope and scale of the opportunities in and threats to the Ag economy in Colorado.

Kathay re-framed the power of the Ag economy, and Gregg ticked off detail after example after case …

Check that one out.

The third panel on AG and IoT and its impact on population health with UC Davis’ Bob Davis, Catharine Merigold of Vista Ventures and Marian Singer of Wellntel. This crew did an amazing job of elevating systems thinking around Ag and health through a number of lenses.

Third panel video should be out soon.

There is simply too much to summarize in a blog – at least by this author.

But suffice it to say, we think we added more evidence to the idea that there is a new killer app in IoT:  Profitable Sustainability.

And there is a new killer enabling technology, too:  Distributed Digital Capital.

We would love to hear from you. What did you find most powerful? Do you have an IoT project in smart air, soil, water? Drop us a line. We are eager to help out.

June 13, 2014