December 19, 2012

2013: 10 Signs that Internet of Things and M2M Markets are Moving to Next Phase

  1. New Focus for Solution Developers – The focus of the value creation of other solution developers and marketers – including millennials – will be the enterprise, SMB and something new, The Quantum Enterprise.  Working for big business is good business, working to create new businesses is great business.
  2. No More Games for Millennials – Millennials are going to shift their attention away from time-consuming entertainment to value-creation IoT, M2M and unattended device connectivity solutions. No more games… it is their time to get serious.
  3. Quantum Enterprise Emergence – The Tier 5 business.  The SOHO.  The independent.  With access to technologies that provide access to supply chains and markets that provide access to the future.  If everything is to move this fast, in order to achieve stability, we go look out as far as we dare, turn around and see today… the answer is in small businesses.
  4. Fortune 500 Find Footings – Thanks in part to Immelt and Chambers, they too will initiate investigation of the implications, risks and opportunities presented by connecting all those unattended devices – lighting up the dark assets. Those that are successful will get there through the realization that technology is a tool to put people back in the middle of business.
  5. CIOs Under Siege – The CIO’s sense of ‘siege’ will expand and increase -BYOD?  What is social?  Big data – small data?  SQL – NoSQL?  How to define cloud?  Unless they initiate, expand and embolden their partnerships with their COOs – after all, they are delivering the products and services that make most businesses run.
  6. COOs With Hands On The Wheel  – The odd thing about where we are going with tech is that the best implementations will seem to disappear and the core of the customer product or service experience is elevated and revealed more completely. Savvy COOs will formalize gains that they have made since the recession; partner with CIOs; and stay close to the chief marketing officers. There can be no light between the CMO messaging and the COO delivering.
  7. IoT Ubiquitous On Corporate Development Agenda – IoT and M2M implications will be on the agenda of a vast majority of corporate development personnel – regardless of their status sorting out overall mobility, social media and big data.  The intelligent application of these technologies will be centered on compliance and customer experience.
  8. Leveraging Least Cost Wireless Routing – As if it could not get any more confusing, the IoT and M2M markets will create even more demand for connectivity and bandwidth.  However, among the great change that will be ushered in by IoT and M2M will be embedded, automated, least cost routing.  The current constructs of the wireless market will matter less and less each quarter.
  9. ‘Configuration Only’ Getting Closer – Cutting code will not be as cool in 2013 as it was in 2012.  Delivering real world products and real world experiences – including, but more than, the maker movement – gains significant momentum as more people discover the material gap between a social media friend and a real world friend.
  10. IoT Accelerators and Incubators Succeed By Slowing Down – They grow up and learn that real value-creating solutions with profitable scale potential – unlike entertainment – require more than 60 days to conceive, create, market, deploy and defend.  We alleviate the collective ADHD of those communities and get back to authentic value creation.

Christopher Rezendes, president of INEX Advisors, a technology intelligence and advisory firm based in New Bedford, MA, has nearly 22 years of experience analyzing, advising or operating mission critical technology businesses. Rezendes’ firm, INEX Advisors, focuses on helping clients define, select and prosecute their most promising growth and investment opportunities. The firm concentrates in Machine to Machine/Internet of Things/Connected Devices, and a cluster of related enabling technologies critical to transforming mobility, cloud and big data solutions into a semantic web.

Throughout his career, Rezendes has worked with some of the largest and most respected companies in the industrial, embedded, defense, infrastructure and information technology industries. His clients have included nearly 75% of the Electronics Business Top 100 OEMs, most of the Information Week 100, and every tech-focused member of the Fortune 500.

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December 19, 2012